Priority given to families with a booking.

Location and Opening Hours

55 Regent Street

Open weekly during School Terms on the following days:

Monday 8am-4pm
Wednesday 12-6pm
Friday 8am-4pm


Call: (02) 9644 5144

(School holiday opening hours will be communicated via the Schoolbox Parent Portal)


You will receive an email once your order has been fulfilled and is ready to be delivered or collected.

Pick up from uniform shop (Monday 8am-4pm; Wednesday 12-6pm; Friday 8am-4pm)

Class delivery (Kindergarten to Year 6 ONLY)


Please visit the Uniform Shop during opening hours for any exchanged or returns.

Prepare for School With the Right Uniform

Here are our top tips:

Buying shoes

Buy shoes early. Help your child get used to their school shoes by wearing them around the house or to outings. Wearing the shoes in early will help avoid blisters. Then their play won’t be hindered as they make friends once they start school.

Opt for Velcro where possible. Buckles are not allowed in our uniform policy, so Velcro is an excellent option.

Getting dressed

Encourage your child to learn to dress themselves by giving them opportunities to do so. Getting dressed themselves will help to reduce morning stress and increase your child’s confidence to be independent – if something happens at school and they need to change, they’ll be ready.

Practising buttons

Buttons are tricky to undo, especially on the girls’ culottes. Help your child practise at home. When they are in a hurry to go to the bathroom, this practise will come in handy!

Expecting the unexpected

Prepare a change of clothes and underwear in your child’s bag in case of accidents. Even if your child is doing well at home, a new environment, like school, can bring new challenges. Your child will feel more confident if they know there are clothes in their bag if they have an unexpected accident.

A teacher will always be available to help, so your child is in good hands!